Usage Policies

Enqueue only STABLE and LEAK-FREE programs

Majorana is a cluster, neither a backup server nor a working server. Therefore only stable programs without memory leaks can be submitted to it. Valgrind and gdb are your friends. If a process creates troubles, it may be killed at any time without mercy.

Data can be erased at any moment

Data stored in majorana can be erased as a side effect of maintenance or simply because we wake up feeling like doing nasty things, so make sure you always backup your files on a different machine. This is especially true if you fill up all the space of a node or, even worse, majorana itself.

Limits for usage

This are the usage limits for each user has to comply with.

  • Concurrent slots per user

    Maximum number of slots occupied concurrently per user:


  • Number of jobs per user

    Maximum number of jobs in all queues per user:


  • Total number of jobs

    Maximum total number of jobs in all queues for all users:


  • Maximum runtime per job

    Maximum CPU time per job depends on the queues it’s running in. It can be either

    24 or 168 hours

    for the short and long/hi_mem queues respectively.

See the list of queue types for further information.

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