How to install ARGoS3 on Majorana

Here you find a script to semi-automatically download and install the desired versions of the ARGoS3 and argos3-epuck packages. The script will probably run flawlessly on your machine, but on Majorana we are bound to some older versions of the software for legacy and consistency reasons, so you will need to edit a couple of settings and relaunch it.

The script assumes you want to install the modules for the e-puck. If you do not require some of the latest mentioned packages, please comment the corresponding calling command at the end of the script. Also, please modify the tags and branches variables to your needs.

Download the script, put it in your home directory, make it executable and run it. The following lines assume you are running it from your directory (~), but everything should work fine if you place the script in some other directory.

When run, the script will download ARGoS3, try to compile it and fail. The error is caused by the required version of CMAKE which is not on the cluster. All you have to do is to modify the required version of the CMAKE at lines 4 and 15 of the following file:


from 2.8.12 to 2.8.8

and relaunch the script.

At this point, ARGoS3 is installed in your system.

The script will then proceed to (try to) install the module argos3-epuck, and will give another error. The vision tool used to calibrate the omni-directional camera of the e-puck requires Qt5 libraries which are not present on the cluster. An error will also appear. To solve this, open
comment or delete the line
and relaunch the script.

Now the process should run fine until the end. When it finishes, run
source /home/USERNAME/argos3-dist/bin/setup_argos3
and check that everything was installed fine with
argos3 --query all, which should list the modules available.

If you don’t need a module, comment the relative installer line in the script, as it is done for the TAM module (that you can install by uncommenting the line and re-running the script).

If you need to install another module, you can follow the existing functions do_epuck and do_tam in the script and adapt them to your needs.

Thanks to Antoine for making this solution available. For any information about ARGoS3 in general and its installation/execution on the cluster, please contact him or the other good guys of the DEMIURGE project.