Grid Engine States

Here’s a short list of the states jobs in the Grid Engine (aka queueing system) can be in.

State Description
d eletion Indicates that a qdel has been used to initiate job deletion.
E rror Appears for pending jobs that couldn’t be started due to job properties. The reason for the job error is shown by the qstat -j jobids option.
h old Only for pending jobs. Indicates that a job currently is not eligible for execution due to a hold state (assigned via qhold, qalter, qsub -h).
r unning Indicates that a job is executing.
R estarted Indicates that the job was restarted. Can be caused by job migration or because of other reasons (see qsub -r).
s uspended Is caused by suspending the job via the qmod command.
S uspended Indicates that the queue containing the job is suspended and therefore the job is also suspended.
t ransferring Indicates that a job is about to be executed.
T hreshold Shows that at least one suspend threshold of the corresponding queue was exceeded (see queue_conf).
w aiting Only for pending jobs. Indicates that the job is waiting for completion of a job dependencies (assigned via -hold_jid option of qsub or qalter).

See the Grid Engine’s Domumentation for more info.

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