Current outage of majorana

Hello everybody,

in between the planned switch of majorana and the unplanned emergency shutdown last Sunday, the cluster will remain unavailable until probably Monday, 28th March. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the mean time, we will activate log-in access to oldmajorana and newmajorana. This should allow you to retrieve experiments and data. There will be no access to submit experiments. The cluster will be put into maintenance mode again on Friday, 25th March.
Please use the access also to set a new password on newmajorana, by following the instructions below. Starting from Monday, 28th March, you will need this password to log into majorana. Be aware that you only have until Friday, 25th March, to change your password however. If you do not have an account on newmajorana yet or encounter any problems, please contact us at

How to change your password on newmajorana:
1) Log into majorana: $ ssh
2) Continue to newmajorana: $ ssh newmajorana
3) Check your current (random) password: $ cat /var/mail/username
4) Change your password (by following the on screen instructions): $ passwd