SSH host key changed

As the operating system was replaced completely, the SSH host key of majorana changed as well.

If you get an error message from your ssh client upon trying to connect to majorana, follow the instructions to delete the cached key (usually in ~/.ssh/known_hosts).

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Back online

The new cluster is online. Please note that I’m still testing it, so expect some bugs. Currently only the second rack is online (c1-x and c2-x).

The following things change for you, the users:

  • After logging is as usual (ssh majorana), you will end up on the new submit node “submit-1-0″. It’s a dedicated host for compiling, data analysis and job submission. That way, the main server does not get bogged down by user programs. On this submit node, you can work as usual.
  • All software packages were updated, you need to recompile all
    your programs. It might well be that some packages are missing,
    so tell me if you need something.
  • The main servers (majorana, and the two storage servers oss0 and
    oss1) are off limits for normal users.
  • We have 8 new nodes!

Ah, and don’t pay any attention to the cluster status page right now; it
does not work atm.

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