Cluster Maintainance

I’m currently reconfiguring the cluster nodes. As I’m doing it in
serveral waves, only a subset of the nodes are not available at a
certain time. Apart from degraded performance you shouldn’t have any

If you experience any unexpected problems, please tell me.

No usage of performance changes rise from this reconfiguration. No
libraries have been changed. Your experiments will still be valid and

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Nodes up again

I repaired/restarted/reinstalled the 7 following nodes:

  • c0-0
  • c0-1
  • c0-9
  • c0-20
  • c0-22
  • c0-24
  • c1-5

At the moment there is only one node down, c0-25. This node probably won’t be repaired as nearly every part of it is broken.

The cluster is currently running 48 nodes with a total of 128 CPUs.

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